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Oil Price, Halliburton Stock Price, Fed to raise Interest rates and much more:

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  • Oil Price, Halliburton Stock Price, Fed to raise Interest rates and much more:

    For those interested in the stock market, a number of shocking movements have been experienced recently in the stock market trend analysis, most especially with the Halliburton stock.

    In Summary:

    The Halliburton stock recently fell in the stock market.

    The dwindling prices of crude oil makes it clear that its short-term future is evidently uncertain, which is very bad for Halliburton stocks.

    Halliburton is expected to keep recording and reporting quarterly losses throughout this year.

    Nonetheless, it still doesn't mean you should dispose your Halliburton stock (if you have any). This strategy of holding on to weak shares is a strategy that has been used many times by a good number of big guns in the currency and stock market. In this case, Halliburton is keenly positioned for a massive turnaround in 2017 which will pay-off big time for the holders of its stock.

    In case you didn't know, Halliburton (NYSE:HAL), is one of the world's major oilfield ad related services company and it experienced a very tough week in the close of August and the first days in September. This happened when the stock market closed last week Friday when the shares of Halliburton, a company based in Houston, Texas - was down at almost 3% owing to retreat in crude oil prices and market analysts at the Guggenheim put the "sell" rating on their stocks.

    Also notable is that the price of United State benchmark oil, WTI crude fell to about $44.30 on Friday from its $47 per barrel price on Monday. Brent crude, the global oil benchmark, fell to $46.67 from $49.24 during the same time frame, owing to constant worries relating to over-supply of the commodity. The price losses came as a surprise on the back of a report from the United State Energy Information Administration during the week that ended on August 26, 2016, pointed at 2.3 million barrels of oil in daily increase of the US stockpiles. The increase is almost 4-times larger than most analysts expected, judging by the data reeled out by S&P Global Platts Ltd.

    Another major factor is the real risk of the crude oil price dropping to as low as $40s in coming weeks. However, driving season (summer) will soon come to an end in the coming weeks (4 weeks) and most refineries will be preparing for their annual turnaround maintenance season mostly running from September through October. All of these important factors will add their quota on the crude oil demand volume and threaten to project stockpiles further higher. We should also not forget that the various markets are going to be weighing possibilities of a rise in interest rate in the future owing to latest remarks and body language of Federal reserves Chairman, Janet Yellen where she reportedly said there is a strengthened case for increase in the rates of fund in recent months. The growing speculation surrounding the interest rate increase can raise the value of Dollars against the other major world currencies, which could pull down crude oil prices.