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Add Relevant tags to your Posts

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  • Add Relevant tags to your Posts

    Dear Forum members,
    I have noticed that 90% of the posts here don't have tags attached to them and this makes it harder to search for them when needed. Please let us try to add relevant tags to all our posts.

    In case you don't know where tags are, check the bottom right side (to your screen) when entering any post and you will see a blue Icon (Tags+). For example, I have added (tags, announcements and posts) as my tags for this post.
    What do you guys think?

  • #2
    opps! I have just posted my two articles on forex strategies and I didn't see this post. You should have made a cc tag to every member you can remember. e.g. cc Sir_Steve toeyoursea Risky falz pendragon lolla ojforex and the other guys.
    SORRY if I left anyone out.


    • #3
      lol. Even after making this posts, I have also made a few posts without adding tags, but its all good. Let make sure we keep this in mind.


      • #4
        That's why I am a wizard! I just made a post adding tags and that was before I even read your suggestion. Good job toeyoursea .


        • #5
          It would seem everyone is always guilty of this crime before reading this post. How are you guys doing? it's been a while.


          • #6
            Makes a lot of sense, so we can search through easily.


            • #7
              This seems not to really be effective or maybe every one just forgets after sometime. I have just read through some post now and I have already seen some culprit, even from those who have made comment on this thread. But it's all gooooood


              • #8
                I think it's actually effective but we all tend to forget in no time. The importance is for topics to be accessed easily through the past posts and this can actually be done by other ways. There is a search box at the top right corner and I have used it many times, it auto searches keywords and tags together. So I think tags aren't all that compulsory. Good day!