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    The Forex market is getting more and more interests and investment attentions with the dollar deficit expectedly looming, also in the equation are the foreign exchange Expert Advisors that push the big players in the Forex game to the apex.

    Roughly 90% of forex trader don't end up making money; WHY?

    Like you and me, traders are human too and they also get tired and sometimes, greedy. In key moments or market conditions, humans lack the confidence and objectivity to think straight as we often nurse fears of what could happen and more importantly, we usually end up reading the situation wrongly (90% of the time we try to) - #Inconsistency.

    Taking the human nature into cognizance, 90% of forex traders WILL CERTAINLY LOSE their INVESTMENTS IN FOREX. Making them consistently on the giving end of he equation and the rest of the 10% on the winning end. This factor, coupled with the popular illusion of being a millionaires overnight from trading some "guru's" forex trading system and systems gotten from an ebook or video is what makes the Forex market good business for the brokers and so called forex guru's.

    An forex Expert Advisor is a man-made "robot" or much better called a software. Robots normally defeat humans at chess games and they do too when it comes to forex trading. An EA (Expert Advisor) software watches the forex market, places trades under pre-instructed parameters (strategies), without fears, low confidence, greed, inconsistency, sentiments, emotions and other human factors which characteristics majority of forex traders.

    The EA has a defined plan and it sticks to the plan regardless of how ugly or unclear the market seem. Devoid of greed and running for 24 hours daily on your behalf.